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Apr 21, 2009

USS Stockdale and Some Words on the Economy

Last Saturday morning, I had the privilege of attending the official commissioning ceremony of the USS Stockdale, a new destroyer named after deceased Admiral Jim Stockdale, a Vietnam War hero and POW that endured torture because of his refusal to capitulate to his captors. This article is going to be relatively short, but I want to say a few words about the pageantry and patriotism of the men and women serving in our Armed Forces, in this case, specifically the navy.

The entire ceremony was full of deep seated navy tradition. The men and women making up the crew of the Stockdale showed extreme patriotism and made me proud to be an American. These young men and women will do anything; even give their lives for love of country. And, they do it under the scrutiny of the liberal media and liberal extremists that basically do not even want the military to exist.

I must say that during the centuries old ceremony, I was almost brought to tears a few times. This is especially true when I think of the speeches given in honor of Admiral Stockdale. This is a man that was a Vietnam POW that endured 7 ½ years of torture because he would not do anything against the flag. Much of that time was spent in solitary confinement at the Hanoi Hilton where he was being held prisoner along with Senator John McCain. Stockdale was promised on multiple occasions that if he agreed to renounce the flag and/or make statements against the interests of the United States, his captivity would be more comfortable. He refused for the full time of his confinement. As such, he was physically and mentally abused continually. Listening to Ross Perot describe Stockdale’s humanity and patriotism almost brought tears to my eyes.

At the point in the ceremony when the Ship was declared operational, the flag was raised on the ship and the men and women making up the crew boarded. A fly by was done as a patriotic song was played by the navy band in attendance. Again, the feeling of love of country was very strong and moving.

Where is this type of patriotism in the left wing now? As I have stated in previous columns, there are many liberals that feel it is an embarrassment to join the armed forces and that defending this country is something only crazy people do. I guess you can say that President Obama’s apologies for being American at the G20 summit fit into that category. I would also like to note that, although President Obama is technically the Commander in Chief, there was very little mention of him or his office at the event. In fact, other than the President of the United States being mentioned in one formal order during the ceremony, there was absolutely no mention of him by name. I guess what I have heard about the military not being too happy with him is true.

As you all know, last week was tax day. Now, that we are done licking our wounds and noticing the visibly smaller sums in our bank account, I would like to make a small comment about the Tea Parties that occurred all over the country last week. Again, I must state that I am proud to be an American. This truly is a grass roots/populist movement. It really is about time that the right in this country started protesting and complaining in the same manor that the left usually does. In fact, the true “patriot” Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that the tea parties were not a grass roots campaign, but instead were Astroturf. Someone should run against this lunatic and relieve the US citizens from the pain and agony she is causing them. Maybe the California Governor should challenge her when his current term is up. I have a feeling she would run a little scared at that point. I also find her amusing in that she claims to be representing the common man. Maybe, someone should really take a look at her checkbook?

The liberals in this country have done everything within their power to discredit the Tea Parties. Some of them even went so far to say that they should not have been permitted and were unpatriotic. As I have said before, I guess the liberal Democrats only feel that free speech is permitted when they agree with what is being spoken. Bringing back the alleged “fairness doctrine” is one example of limiting free speech that the Democrats would like to accomplish. My opinion is real simple, other than the three instances in which the US Supreme Court has limited free speech; there should be no other limitation. I have the right to say whatever I want as long as I do not infringe on your right to say whatever you want.

Lastly, I would like to make a quick point about the news yesterday involving the nationalization of the banks. Apparently the Obama Administration and Timothy Geithner do not want the banks to pay back the TARP funds. Instead, they would like to convert the preferred shares the government owns in such institutions as Bank of America and Citibank into common shares. This would be the final nail in the coffin of capitalism. If the Obama Administration gets to take over the banks and start appointing Board members based upon their share ownership, we would be on our way to becoming a true socialist or should I say communist state. Of course, every bank stock in the country plummeted yesterday on this news. I advise you to all call up your Congressmen immediately to make sure this doesn’t happen. We must keep business independent no matter what the cost. I feel that way for the auto industry. I feel that way for the banking industry. I feel that way for all industry.

A reader of mine from Scottsdale, Arizona sent the following video that all of my readers should definitely watch. It is a clear indication of where the Muslim Extremists stand on the United States. http://www.tangle.com/view_video.php?viewkey=0861ff3eabea1ceb73e4. Anyone that believes Muslim Fundamentalists do not want this country to perish is truly in fantasyland. President Obama should stop kowtowing to these people and other people that hate America, especially his new best friend Hugo Chavez. Wasn’t it wonderful watching the two of them shake hands like old buddies last week.

For humorous viewing, there is a video on You Tube called the “Obama Deception.” It is clearly conspiracy theorist fodder, but there is some truth set forth in its otherwise ridiculous statements. If you do watch it, do not believe that I think it is 100% accurate, but it does make a few good points that may cause some of you to think.

That’s about it for this week. I hope that you all have an enjoyable and fruitful week and a really fun weekend.

©2009 – Frank T. DeMartini. Permission to copy will be given freely upon request.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for attending and writing about the events surrounding the Commissioning of the USS Stockdale DDG 106 RETURN WITH HONOR.
The Navy League of the United States - Santa Barbara Council is honored for having been selected as the host League Council...and we are indeed pleased to be the ship's Adopting Council. Please visit www.USSStockdale.org and www.SantaBarbaraNavyLeague.org to learn how you can help us support them and improve life for the officers, crew and families of the STOCKDALE.
Doug Crawford

April 22, 2009 at 7:59 AM  

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