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Dec 12, 2008

What is a Republican Today?

This week turned out to be very interesting. Because of its events, I now have a whole new view on what has become of the Republican Party and who are actual Republicans. Unfortunately, it appears that the Reagan Republicans and the highly educated Yuppies from the 80’s are long gone. The party is beginning to look like it consists of what used to be Democrats in the 50’s and 60’s. It seems that our base has completely changed.

On Monday night, totally by accident, I attended an ACLU event that honored, among others, Magic Johnson. The title of the evening was something to the effect that this organization protects the Bill of Rights. I had to really hold my tongue on that one. In fact the pamphlet given to all attendees stated Freedoms of the Press, Religion, etc., as the cornerstone of the ACLU.

Nowhere on this pamphlet was there any mention whatsoever of the Right to Bare Arms. Being a lawyer, I am pretty sure this would also be considered part of the Bill of Rights. You and I both know that there is not one left wing Democratic or ACLU cardholder that would ever defend that position.

It also struck me as odd that this is the organization that supposedly protects Freedom of Religion. Again, you and I know that this organization only protects such when it benefits the Democratic way of thinking. The ACLU would never defend a Christmas display on public grounds. In fact, it would sue to eliminate such displays. We already know that the ACLU is totally against the Ten Commandments. They have tried to stop them being displayed in a number of places. This is not Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Religion. It is an outright attack on those freedoms.

If the ACLU truly believed what it allegedly stands for, the Bill of Rights would be protected completely. There would be no exceptions. Free Speech would be just that. The Supreme Court has basically stated that there are limited exceptions to Free Speech. Among these are obscenity and inciteful speech. These exceptions are logical. There should be no others.

However, this whole discussion is the subject of another column completely. Let’s get back to the point. As I was sitting at this ACLU propaganda filled banquet, I began to peruse the room. It was filled with Corporate Leaders, Attorneys, and other high net worth individuals. A large portion was entertainment industry as one of the honorees was the head of Universal Pictures. This group, on the whole, was the elite of Southern California society.

On Tuesday, I attended another mostly entertainment industry event. This event was sponsored by an underground group of Republicans who make their living in the entertainment industry. Most of these people are afraid to even tell anyone that they are Republican. In fact, they hold occasional meetings in which the tone is that of an AA meeting. They sit at a round table and complain about how they have been treated as being a Republican in the entertainment industry. Sounds to me like the entertainment industry is suppressing a person’s right to free speech just like the hypocrites at the ACLU.

As I sat there and talked with a number of the group, which I might add was a much smaller group, than the Liberal ACLU crowd, I noticed a stark difference between the groups. Here, among my brethren, were mostly blue collar workers. This was the union cardholding, working class of the entertainment industry. It was grips, electricians, stunt men and actors. Where were the producers and moguls? Where was the group that I would expect to be Republicans?

In fact, I was actually told, when introduced to a working stuntman, “What are you doing here?” His meaning was clear. The amount of management, producers, executives, and creative intellectuals that are Republican is really low. The majority of this group was the working class Joe!

My mind really began to spin at this point. Have the tables turned that much? Are the Republicans of old, the Democrats of the present? I was seriously beginning to think that is the case.

I then began to think about this year’s election and the campaign and my hypothesis became clearer. During the campaign, who was Sarah Palin playing to? She was playing to the base of the party: Joe the plumber and Joe six-pack. In fact, most of her support was blue collar labor, exactly what used to be a Democrat.

When you look at where our party runs strongest, it is obvious that there is a fundamental change going on here. We win the south, Midwest and what are substantially rural, working class areas. Where do the Democrats run strongest? In areas that contain intellectualism and big business.

What have we done and why has our base completely changed to this portion of the populace? And, more importantly, how can we get the Reagan Democrats and intellectuals back?

For my whole life I always believed that Republicans believe in small government, strong national security, supply-side economics and traditional family values. I still believe this is the core of our party. This is what will win elections. In the last eight years, has the Big Government Bush White House caused a loss of faith in our electorate? Have the Keynesian ideologues changed things that much? Has the country swung to the left? Or, have we just lost our way?

Isn’t it funny that one of Mr. Bush’s last accomplishments in office will be to pander to the United Auto Workers and make sure that the Big 3 gets their bailout? His administration seems to be bent on giving them the money even though a large group of traditional Republicans are against it. Is big spending what he wants to be remembered for? Or, would he rather be remembered for his foreign policy accomplishments?

I do not have answers to the questions posed at this time. I can only state that the questions exist and must be answered by the next generation of the GOP. We must go back to our roots and our beliefs. We will get the intellectuals back, but it will take time. Until then, we will have to live with the left wing, big government Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and Bush. Oh, did I say Bush?

On another subject completely, I must make a small comment here about the scandal in Illinois. Politics as usual in Illinois must stop now. The Governor must step down, admit his wrongdoing and spend a substantial amount of time in prison. A Special Prosecutor must be appointed to investigate this scandal at all levels. And, if these investigations lead to the incoming federal administration, they must be dealt with accordingly.

We cannot allow politics as usual to continue in Illinois. It is really time for this machine that goes back 50 or so years to change! Oh, isn’t that a great word, “Change!”

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Blogger Nadia Bruce-Rawlings said...

Hi Frank...interesting point! I always considered myself totally left of democrat, but am scared to admit I sometimes agree with the republicans now...is it because I've become less liberal or the republicans are more so? And tho' I also was a staunch supporter of the ACLU, you are not the first person to point out to me recently the imbalance in their fights. Sometimes I use the "well, I'm Canadian, I can't vote so I remain ignorant" excuse when I feel myself agreeing with the republican arguments because like most people in Hollywood I'd be ashamed to admit any right-leaning tendencies.

When are you leaving town, you republican, you?! ;)

December 12, 2008 at 1:39 PM  
Blogger Frank T. DeMartini said...

I'm leaving on December 3. I'm glad you like the blog. I looked at yours, it's pretty cool too.

Let's try to get together before Christmas. Maybe have a little holiday drink!

If the blog keeps working, I think I'm going to start an actual web page like the Huffington Post. I want to make sure that I've got enough readers to warrant it first. So, let's get as many people to read this as possible.

Take care for now.

December 12, 2008 at 4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments reflect a man set in his ways, so can an old dog learn new tricks? In another words, is your party capable of "change"? I'd be curious to hear what young Republicans (18 - 30) would have to say... do they plan to lock arms with the working "joe"? And how many people of color were in that underground group you met? Point is, race still factors into the downward spiral that has been the Rebuplican party. Your party has failed to embrace people of color in your platforms.

Sarah Palin is unqualified to be in an executive government position.

Chicago will stay a corrupt town until the day Israelis and Palestinians stop killing each other... do the math

December 12, 2008 at 6:50 PM  

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